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Remember how much fun it was to open your advent calendar? Each door revealed a little treasure. These boxes are like advent calendars for parents-to-be. Each countdown box holds 10 smaller boxes, numbered 1-10. The numbered boxes each have a baby item, such as a onesie, book, or hat inside. (see full list of items below.)

Starting 10 days before the baby's due date, parents open box #10, 9 days before the baby's due date, they open box #9, and so on... until all of the boxes are opened and the baby's due date has arrived.

With all of the last minute details to organize before the baby is born, having a box to open each day is something fun for parents to look forward to. The items in the numbered boxes are practical and will come in handy with a newborn baby.

Baby boxes come in three themes - baby boy, baby girl, and gender neutral. We also offer big sibling boxes, available in two themes - big brother or big sister. The big sibling boxes are fun for older children to use to count down the days until their new sibling arrives. All boxes are available for $39.99.

To order a countdown box, select your theme from the list below and click on the "buy now" button.

Box theme

Would you prefer to just order the empty boxes and put your own gifts inside? Countdown box kits are available for the price of $25.00.

Countdown box kit

List of items*:    
  • onesie
  • hat
  • bib
  • thermometer
  • nail clippers
  • nail files
  • hair accessories (baby girl boxes)
  • infant Tylenol
  • book
  • rattle
  • socks
  • pacifier
  • booties
  • washcloths
  • spoon
  • diaper rash lotion
  • baby shampoo
  • baby lotion
  • teething toy
  • nasal aspirator

* your countdown box will contain 10 baby items. Actual contents will vary, depending on item availability.

Norwood Arts encourages you to reuse your countdown box. Click here to download free box labels.



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